Does your family need your support?

Do you have family in a vulnerable financial situation at the moment? You may want to consider releasing equity from your home to provide them with financial support. If you release money with a lifetime mortgage it will provide you with a tax free cash lump sum which can be used as you wish.

You may want to gift some of the release to your family to help them in difficult times this could help them keep up with payments on their commitments like their mortgage or loan repayments. Lots of people who take out Equity Release may also find that they also have less income coming in they may still have money in pensions or investments which is affected by the stock market volatility.

You may want to take a single lump sum or release an initial lump sum with an additional reserve which you can take in stages if required in the future.

If you take the additional reserve you will only be charged interest on the amount that you have accessed this will help you keep the costs of interest roll up down. You can with most schemes pay ad hoc payments each year up to an agreed amount to stop the roll up of interest.

If you are over the age of 55 and a UK homeowner and your home is worth at least £70,000 and your main residence subject to the lenders acceptance Equity Release could be for you. The amount you can release is determined by your age and the value of your home and your health. The Financial Conduct Authority regulate Equity Release for your peace of mind. The minimum release is just £10,000.

If you need some money please contact for further information

EQUITY RELEASE MONEY www.equityreleasemoney

01244 322199 or 07985903620

Posted by Mark Reynolds