What is Equity Release

Equity release is a way of raising capital from the equity (value) that has built up in your home.

The following scenarios are not realised as possible within Equity Release – They are!

Moving home with Equity Release

Equity Release can be used to enable you to move to another property in retirement. 

Protecting your beneficiaries inheritance

Equity Release can be used to enable you to move to another property in retirement. You can specify what percentage of your property you would like to leave to your beneficiaries whilst enhancing your retirement.

Repaying your Equity Release

You have the option to pay back your Equity Release with a Defined Early Repayment Scheme at any time in the future.

Shortfall in income whilst in retirement

Equity Release provides a facility to drawdown funds to supplement your income.

Guaranteed drawdown scheme

The facility to receive a lump sum with further funds available to drawdown over the following 15 years.

Lump sum to repay debts with Equity Release

One off lump sum available to repay credit cards, loans, mortgage, and all other debts.

Gift funds to children

To be able to gift funds to your children to enable them to get on property ladder etc.

Enhancing your lifestyle in retirement

Equity Release can be used to fund home improvements, purchase a new car or a holiday home, travel to see friends & family abroad, have holidays and to fulfil dreams and aspirations.