Equity Release for your family?

If you are aged 55 and over and you are a homeowner you may want to release some money from your home to help your family. Your children or grandchildren may be wanting a deposit to help them buy a home as if they are renting it is more difficult to save for a house deposit.

Lots of people are turning to equity release to access a portion of their homes value as a tax free cash lump sum. This has helped them help their loved ones buy their first home or to move up the property ladder.

If you make a gift while you are alive you can ensure that you see for yourselves that your gift has been used wisely. Getting on the property ladder will mean no longer paying rent. If you feel Equity Release is right for you it is important to seek out Independent Advice from an Equity Release specialist and to get a personalised illustration.

Please contact EQUITY RELEASE MONEY on 01244 322199 or 07985903620

who will put you in touch with a regulated Equity Release Independent Adviser

Posted by Mark Reynolds