Equity Release in Retirement

Are you in retirement and short of money? If you are and over the minimum age of 55 and are a homeowner you could join the thousands of people who have used Equity Release to help meet your requirement needs.

You could use the money to pay off an existing mortgage, take early retirement, or to improve your lifestyle people are looking to release their equity built up from the increase in property values over the decades. The Equity Release market is regulated and includes a no negative equity guarantee ensuring that you will never owe more than the value of your home. And that you can release equity safe in the knowledge that your next of kin will never inherit any lifetime mortgage debt.

The good news with a lifetime mortgage scheme which is the most popular type of Equity Release is that you do not need to make any monthly payments at all. Instead the interest will be added to the loan amount each month and will roll up over time. If you wanted to make payments you can with a lot of the lifetime mortgage schemes on an ad hoc basis up to an agreed amount each year subject to minimum amounts and frequency of payments or if you wanted to you could pay regular monthly payments of interest.

With a lifetime mortgage you will not be selling your home but the lender will be registering a charge against the property as is the case with a residential mortgage. You will benefit from any property price increases and also need to understand property prices could fall.

The most important to think about in your retirement is do you have the money to do the things that you want to do? If you already have enough funds then Equity Release maybe is not needed but if you need to do some home improvements, travel, pay off debts, buy a newer car, help your family out and you do not have the money available to you then the equity built up over time in your home then Equity Release could be what you need.

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Posted by Mark Reynolds