Equity Release Money

Are you a homeowner aged 55 and over and need some money?

You can release some of their property equity as tax free cash. You may want to pay off an existing mortgage which gives you more of your income to spend as you wish rather than the monthly mortgage commitment. You may want to do some home improvements, change your car or caravan for a newer model or help your children or grandchildren with their finances.

The minimum release is £10,000 and you could have a future drawdown facility if you do not take the maximum capital available to you. The most popular Equity Release schemes are lifetime mortgages which means you will still own your home.

If you are interested in Equity Release and you need some money tax free from your own home it is important to get Independent Advice from the whole market to ensure you get the plan best suited for your needs and future requirements and to get a personalised equity release quotation.

Equity Release Money will put you in touch with an Equity Release specialist.

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Posted by Mark Reynolds